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The Zimmer® name has a deep history in polymer process technology. For more than 70 years, our proven Zimmer polymerization technology has been the choice of manufacturers of high-quality PET (polyester), polyamides and engineering resins. 

Technip Energies’ Zimmer® Polymer Technologies provides technology, engineering, project management and procurement services for polyesters (PET, PBT, PTT, PBAT, PBS), 1.3-propanediol, polyamides (PA6, PA6.6) and Specialty Polymers (PCT, TPEE, PEN) production plants. These technologies include biodegradable and recyclable offerings. 

Some of the specific, proprietary polymers in the portfolio include: 

  • Polyesters (PET, PBT, PTT) 

  • Polyamides (PA6, PA6.6) 

  • PCT (Polycyclohexylene dimethyleneterephthalate) 

  • PEN (Polyethylene naphthalate) 

  • Biopolymers (PBAT, PBS) 

  • Monomers (1,3-PDO) 

  • Purifications split / by- products (THF, EG, MeOH)