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Proven Zimmer

Polymerization Technology

The Zimmer name has a deep history in polymer process technology. For more than 70 years, our proven Zimmer polymerization technology has been the choice of manufacturers of high-quality PET (polyester), polyamides and engineering resins.  

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Technip Energies’ Zimmer® Polymer Technologies 

Technip Energies’ Zimmer® Polymer Technologies provides technology, engineering, project management and procurement services for polyesters (PET, PBT, PTT, PBAT, PBS), 1.3-propanediol, nylons (polyamides PA6, PA6.6) and Specialty Polymers (PCT, TPEE, PEN) production plants.

These technologies include biodegradable and recyclable offerings. We are focused on our customers’ needs.

  • Polyesters
  • Polyamides
  • Specialty Polymers
  • Biopolymers
  • Monomers
  • Recycling Polymers


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zimmer lab

Helping Clients Commercialize Polymer Products

Zimmer’s lab is the key innovation driver for Zimmer® Polymer Technologies and is open for cooperation with partners and customers. The lab primarily focuses on polymerization and recycling processes and is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of R&D services in that area. 


  • Semi-commercial, 2-stage batch pilot and SSP bench plants for polycondensation 
  • UV/VIS spectrometer, colorimeter, refractometer 
  • Viscosimeter, titrator, coulometer, GC, HPLC, DSC 
  • Real-time reaction monitoring (online analytics) 

Third Party Services  

  • R&D of proprietary processes, equipment and polymer recipe development
  • Sample production/evaluation, process validation and commercialization
  • Feedstock and polymer analytics according international standards (ISO, DIN, EN, ASTM)

Recent Projects 

  • Testing and piloting a PET recycling technology to proven feedstock quality for re-polymerization 
  • Biopolymers and process to recycle PET textiles back to basic monomers 

Contact Our Expert 

  •  Stefan Deiss 

    Head of Product Management and R&D 


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