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Zimmer Lab

Helping Clients Commercialize Polymer Products

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Zimmer’s lab is the key innovation driver for Zimmer® Polymer Technologies and is open for cooperation with partners and customers.

The lab primarily focuses on polymerization and recycling processes and is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of R&D services in that area. 

Our experienced engineers, unique lab/pilot plants and a modern analytical facility allow us to offer all phases of the development for specified applications with a wide range of cooperation services and concepts. 

According to the open innovation approach, T.EN Zimmer GmbH supports clients to commercialize their polymer products. Experiments in the lab generate the critical design data to scale up the process cost-effectively to commercial conditions. 


  • Semi-commercial, 2-stage batch pilot and SSP bench plants for polycondensation 

  • UV/VIS spectrometer and colorimeter 

  • Viscosimeter, titrator, coulometer, GC, HPLC, DSC 

  • Real time reaction monitoring (Online Analytics) 

3rd Party Services

  • R&D of proprietary processes, equipment and polymer recipe development 

  • Sample production/ evaluation, process validation and commercialization 

  • Feedstock and polymer analytics according international standards (ISO, DIN, EN, ASTM) 

Recent Projects

  • Testing and piloting a PET recycling technology to proven feedstock quality for re-polymerization 
  • Biopolymers and process to recycle PET textiles back to basic monomers

Images of our Zimmer Lab

Contact Our Expert

 Stefan Deiss 

Head of Product Management and R&D