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Polyamide 6 (PA6) technology flysheet

A reliable process for high quality polyamide 6 products

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For top-quality polyamide, there’s no better choice than Zimmer® technology

Our experience includes more than 160 tailor-made plants built since 1953. Through ongoing research and development activities, Zimmer continues to build upon its technologies and engineering, resulting in process optimization and quality improvements.

Depending on capacity and product range, Technip Energies offers both one and two-stage PA6 technology. We offer standard capacities (100|130|200|260|390 tons per day), as well as customized solutions. The typical product range comprises textile, engineering plastic and film applications. For film applications we provide dry-blending technology. Our latest development, in-line compounding enables us to offer high operation flexibility with various products out of one polymerization line.

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