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Polyamide 6 Technology

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Zimmer® polymer technology is the perfect choice for high quality polyamide production. With over 60 years of experience and the successful installation of over 160 plants worldwide, Zimmer® delivers bespoke solutions to individual customer requirements.

Through ongoing research & development activities and our dedication to innovation, Zimmer® continues to build upon its technologies and engineering to deliver production increases, energy savings and quality improvements. Zimmer® also offers a range on-site technical support packages to ensure that the plant operates economically throughout its entire working life. 

Depending on capacity and product range. Zimmer® offers both one and two stage PA6 technology. Standard capacities range from 100 to 390 tons per day as well as solutions up to 520 tons per day if required. 

  • Our experience includes more than 160 tailor-made plants built since 1953

PA6 flysheet

PA6 flow chart

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Director Sales

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Head of Product Management and R&D

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